If there's one thing that's defined always defined my music, it's collaboration.

I've always found myself in supportive roles – whether it's as a bass player, producer, arranger, co-songwriter, or musical director. I absolutely love working with people to realise their musical vision – side by side at the computer sometimes, in the back line at a gig, or bouncing ideas around in the studio. More than anything, it's when working with others that I'm truly in my element.

I have a small home studio in the inner-east Sydney suburb of Elizabeth Bay – perfect for setting down ideas, building project arrangements, and vocal tracking. My production style is intricate, melodic, and full of colour. My background as an arranger comes into play on any project, whether it is for synths, or live instrumentation.

I love the character and life that live musicians bring to a recording. I don't compromise on quality, and work with the best local and remote session musicians available.